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    Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test(DMIT) WHAT IS DMIT? The term Dermatoglyphics originated from the following two Greek words. DERMA = SKIN GLYPHE = CURVE DMIT, also known as Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence test, is the scientific study of the fingerprint patterns and brain lobes of an individual. The test is meant to understand a person’s personality type and potential. Based on the understanding of Psychology, Genetics, Neuroscience, Dermatoglyphics and Embryology, DMIT has been formulated by Medical experts and scientists. It is widely accepted by the world and used by many popular universities. What does the finger print evaluate? Finger prints provide accurate assessment of an individual’s inborn talents which he/she might not have identified until date and also helps evaluate multiple intelligences. Until few years back, only IQ test was a measuring tool for evaluating intelligence but with time, science has given us a new measuring tool called DMIT which is used in schools, colleges and other educational institutions, programs for enhancement of children’s memory, career counselling and guidance. Benefits of DMIT? DMIT comes with a lot of benefits but people have little knelled of the same. Here’s a list below: DMIT helps identify the strengths and weakness of any individual. It helps in understanding the under and over emphasised parts of the brain in the different areas of the brain. It understands a person’s personality (child, teenagers, adult) and what courses or career can be beneficial for any child’s future. It also helps to know the different personality traits. Understanding what learning process is perfect for a child is one of the biggest advantage of DMIT. Another benefit of this is that it meant for people of all age and genders and even children with special needs. Ex- Down syndrome, autism, hyperactive etc. Reveal hidden talents of your child and build confidence in them with DMIT Test. Relationships can be maintained smoothly after you have the DMIT report and you understand it. Please Contact - TECC(Toppers Educational & Career Consultncy ) , Sector - 3 , Devendra Nagar , Raipur (Chhattisgarh)